Avon Inflatable Boats

Since 1959, Avon Inflatable's Limited has produced over 200,000 inflatable's and rigid inflatable boats (RIB). Recognized as a pioneer and a world leader, Avon has an enviable reputation for design, performance and exceptional product quality.

AVON has an enviable reputation among the most discerning of boating enthusiasts, boat builders and professional users world-wide. Attention to detail and quality standards ensure that AVON maintains its premier position in world markets.

New Boats

Tender boatsTender BoatsDesigned for users who are concerned about weight and portability offering real advantages in getting to and on the water.

Rib boatsRib BoatsWhen you want adventure or family fun, these rugged deep V hulled craft leads right to the heart of the action.

LiferaftsLiferaftsLong and distinguished history in the design and manufacture of Life Rafts, with more successful rescues to our credit than any other brand.

Fabric And Material

AVON uses the best available materials from our Hypalon® (Dupont® Dow elastomers) coated fabrics, immensely strong, wear resistant and waterproof, providing a craft that is virtually unaffected by weather, fuel, oil, strong sunlight and everyday abrasion, to our highest quality adhesives, fiberglass moldings, woodwork and inflation valves.

Our buoyancy tubes are all internally sealed and with great attention to the design engineering of our construction, we provide an air holding standard that is second to none. With up to six independent air chambers, wide beams, low centers of gravity and large diameter tubes, AVON boats are extremely safe


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Versatility & Affordability

Whatever you're looking for, be it family fun or high speed performance, and whether you're a beginner or more experienced, there's the perfect inflatable for you within the AVON range. From a nippy little Dinghy to a hard-working Adventure RIB, the quality is obvious, the value extraordinary.

Exceptional Performance

With their light weight and advanced hull designs, you can expect high performance from your Avon even with medium powered engines, providing major energy and cost savings. The seaworthiness of these inflatable's is unparalleled.

Safe & Easy to Use

With up to six independent air chambers, wide beams, low centers of gravity and large diameter tubes, AVON boats are extremely safe. Our inherent design feature allows everyone to sit comfortably and safely inside the craft, adding considerably to the well-being of everyone on board.

Across the range, our boats can be assembled, inflated and launched in minutes. Unpack, inflate, fasten any deck or accessories and your outboard and off you go!

The Professional’s Choice

Every AVON is designed and built to the highest standards of efficiency and safety, and your chosen model will be reassuringly safe, seaworthy, buoyant and stable. It’s no coincidence that AVON is the preferred choice of major defense agencies, the RNLI, United States coast guard, NATO, major rescue services, explorers and adventurers world wide.